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The Namibian government recognises the crucial role foreign investment and trading activities play in economic growth, job and wealth creation. The government strongly emphasises the creation of a business-friendly environment and the promotion of mutually beneficial linkages and partnerships between domestic and foreign entrepreneurs.

Through the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the government has devised measures to boost market access and supply capacity of the private sector. Production and export capacity has been enhanced through investment facilitation services, the provision of incentives and the development of industrial premises and storage facilities. The government has also put in place a set of incentives and continues to invest heavily in the development and upgrading of transport and port infrastructure, including trans-regional and continental highway corridors.

If you wish to invest or develop strategic partnerships in Namibia, the embassy stands ready to assist by providing you relevant information and linking you up with potential counterparts.

You may also be interested in looking at the Namibia Trade Directory ( It continues to serve as an important vehicle for disseminating information and showcasing the conducive business environment in Namibia, such as the numerous business opportunities that the country offers to domestic businesses, exporters and foreign investors and producers.

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